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Hi, we are Park Design House

This is a student-powered creative design co-curricular at Ithaca College. We're here to make great, beautiful things.

Park Design House

Practical experience.

The clients and the deliverables are real, and we welcome students in any major or minor to participate in whatever way works best for them. There are no grades here, but there are deadlines. If you're interested in learning something new, you will be given the chance to develop those skills.

This is the place to prepare your portfolio for what comes next. PDH is for designers, content creators, website and project managers, and any other creative individuals ready to make great materials.

We meet Wednesday evenings (7:15pm) in Park, room 228. Contact us you're interested in joining us. The PDH advisor is Tyler Finck, available 9am-2pm weekdays in Park 336. We're on Twitter as @parkdesignhouse

Print & Web Design

We're skilled and delivering eye-catching material for screens and the physical world.

Tom McAuliffe<span>Creative Director</span>
Menalie Hyde<span>Designer / Production Manager</span>

Logos & Brand Development

We create visuals from scratch and can refine existing logos and marketing materials.

Jess Kuts<span>Graphic Designer</span>
Elena Haskins<span>Graphic Designer</span>
Jeremy Block<span>Designer / Developer</span>
Steven Churchill<span>Graphic Designer</span>


Creating professional images is essential for most marketing and graphic design projects. We do that.

JoAnn Castillo<span>Graphic Designer</span>
Mori Pericon<span>Designer / Photographer</span>
Jill Weisman<span>Graphic Designer</span>

Start A Project

Contact us if you need something great from PDH.

Find Us<span>Room 336, Park School of Communications</span>

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